Thursday, 22 August 2013


Okay so I'm not emo or anything but I do tend to hurt myself a lot by accident. I don't know what it is, I just think that I'm a complete cluts. Whenever there is like an event near by or something/ anything at all that is coming up, I always end up getting hurt out of the blue. This summer so far I have fucked up my lower back doing swipes at a bboy jam. That shit hurt like fuck! Like it's not even fully recovered yet but I can't lie it does feel a lot better already! The doctor said not to break for a while but a back ache can't hold a bboy back! Anyways then I ended up fucking up my pinky toe the other day by smash a glass right over my foot and ended up getting cut. I ain't no pussy though because I didn't cry one bit. It was bloody as fuck too! My fucking room looked like a motherfucking crime scene that day! Anyways, long story short, I always end up fucking up real close to events, and I never go to jams 100% because something is always wrong with me...

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Life's Good.

So I ended up passing all of my courses, and not having to go to summer school. I was so happy when I found out i passed my exams! I passed both of my subjects at risk with exactly a 50% so it could've went either way. I am truthfully grateful and god was defiantly on my side that day. So now it's just been a chill summer. I actually still get up at around the same time that i would if i had school in the morning. I guess it's a good habit because that way, i get to do way more with my summer. This summer i have been mostly going to a lot of sessions weekly, and frequently going to bboy battles. This summer is especially going to be dope because I'm going to get a lot of hours for volunteering at Unity Charity which is a charity that I am affiliated with a lot. Mostly through drop in practices every week. It should been a pretty awesome summer over all! and it's just getting started. My goal for next year is to pay more attention in class so that I can continue having awesome ass summers like this one.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

This girl

So I have liked this girl since like grade 8 and I still haven't built up enough ball to tell hr how I really feel. It's not even like I'm admiring from afar, we talk all the time, but not as much as we used to. She used to just hit me up on facebook randomly all the time. But nowadays, I'm lucky if we speak once a week. I think it's mostly because of the fact that we are not in the same class anymore. Back in grade 8 all day we were in the same class so we talked way more often. But so far in my 2 years of high school we have only been in the same class once.. I know right. I honestly think she is one of the most beautiful girls at school. I don't really care what others have to say, it's only my opinion. She's just down to earth, enjoys the same music that i like,   smart, and her face ain't half bad either. Right now it's summer time so there isn't much that I can do. But when school starts back next fall, I'm going to at least try to make it to first base because at the moment I'm at like... ZERO. It's basically been 4 years.. GOD DAMN! Crushes come and go but at the end of the day, she's the one I go back to.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weird Thoughts

So I don't know if this is a good thing or not. It's probably not, but I'm having weird thoughts about doing weed. I know I make jokes about drug use a lot at school but I don't know anymore man. I want to be straight edge. I look up to people like Tyler, The Creator and Pro wrestler CM Punk for being straight edge but now I don't even know anymore. I see a lot of footage of people at Cochella and what not and I just think to my self.... FUCK. I sometimes wish i could do shit like that. One thing that always stops me from doing shit like that is my sister once told be that if I ever did and weed or anything I she would cut my legs off. But at the same time I don't even know. I'm just a teen and I'm sure all of these feelings are just a part of life..

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Feeling better

Well I'm starting to feel a little better about my marks. They are starting to go up little by little. By exam's, I hope to have at least a 40% in History so that I can study up and get a passing grade. As I may have mentioned before, my goal was to never fail a course in high school, but if I do, I don't really want to go to summer school so I could just repeat the course next year. This is better because I want to drop 1 of my arts anyways so I don't really care about taking it again next year. Well I may care a bit deep deep inside but until then, it should be a pretty good ride. Fuck everything else man. It's called living in the moment.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


So right now i am really fucked mostly because i don't have a clue how I am going do not have a clue how I am going to pass my History class. I set a goal at the beginning of high school that i will not fail any of my classes in my 4 years, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I have tried everything like handing in the work that I was missing to get my grades higher, but even the, my History teacher gives me a zero. I just have a lot on my plate lately and I don't know how to get it all resolved. Whoever said that high school is the best years of your life was either blind, or deaf because it's a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. And I am also sure that I am not the only 15 year old in the world that feels this way.